The CLRC is a project of the Centreville Immigration Forum (CIF), a 501(c)3 organization The center is run by Ms. Jasmine Blaine along with a group of wonderful volunteers.

Our primary purpose is to provide a safe place for employers and workers to meet and discuss terms of employment and fair wages. In addition to these primary goals, the center offers a variety of skills training programs and English courses.

Meet our Staff

Jasmine Blaine is Director of Centreville Labor Resource Center, with the primary responsibility for day-to-day operation of Center including support for job negotiations, workforce development, quality control and record-keeping.In addition to running daily operations, Jasmine’s job tasks include: marketing and communications, budgeting, project management, community outreach, volunteer management, and event planning.  

Jasmine is a graduate of Santa Clara University, CA, with degrees in environmental studies and economics; and she completed her Master’s degree in Public Administration at Bowling Green University, OH.   She served 3 years with the Peace Corps in Panama, where she worked with farmer organizations to strengthen sustainable agriculture.  She also worked as a volunteer with educational projects in Mexico, and with a fair trade coffee project in Peru. In Ohio, she led presentations on workers’ rights in migrant worker communities, and worked with the Center for Regional Development. 

Terry Angelotti is the Executive Director of the Centreville Immigration Forum, which provides funding and direction for the Labor Resource Center. She has experience in community development, issue-based advocacy relating to poverty issues, administration of grant programs and program management. Angelotti was a founding member of the CIF Board of Directors and chaired the Finance/Fundraising Committee before being hired as Executive Director. She has volunteer experience in fundraising for other non-profits and schools, and has served on a variety of non-profit boards and committees. She holds a BA in Politics/Art from Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC).