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If you are a first time employer or perhaps you have not worked with us recently, please read the following information carefully as some of our rates and hiring rules have been updated. Topics to be covered:

  1. Becoming an Employer
  2. Hiring from CLRC
  3. Payment
  4. Transportation
  5. Cost
  6. Canceling Request
  7. Please Remeber

Becoming an Employer

  1. All employers must fill out our employer confidentiality and non-liability waiver, which touches on four important topics (confidentiality, non-discrimination, compliance with applicable laws, and CIF/CLRC non-liability).  Importantly, if you have any questions about your compliance with applicable laws please read our “Know Before you Hire”document.
  1. Once you have signed our employer confidentiality and non-liability waiver, you have become a registered employer.

Hiring from CLRC

  1. Employers may call, walk-in, email, or fill out the online worker request.
  • We recommend requesting workers a day or two in advance of the date in which you will need assistance.
    • Landscaping, moving, and general labor jobs may be requested on the same day.
    • Drywall, painting, carpentry, and other skilled labor jobs should be requested 2-3 days in advance to allow CLRC to reach out to qualified members.
  1. All employers will be asked to sign a CLRC job order, which describes the type of work to be done, time commitment, pay rate, inclusion or exclusion of lunch, and the name of the worker(s) they will be working with.
  • The purpose of the job order is to ensure that both parties understand the terms of employment and the agreed upon wage for the job.
  1. CLRC employee’s will act as a translator (if necessary) to ensure that both parities understand the job and agreed upon working conditions. Please use this time to ask any questions and clarify job requirements.
  1. Importantly, the majority of workers do not have transportation. Employers are expected to pick up workers from the Center during hours of operation and return them to the Center after the work has been completed.


  1. The preferred payment method for workers is cash at the end of the workday.
  1. All money should be directly exchanged between the employer and worker, CLRC does not handle monetary transactions nor does it receive any money for helping set up the employment agreement.


  1. The majority of workers do not have transportation. Employers are expected to pick up workers from the Center during hours of operation and return them to the Center after the work has been completed.
  1. If transportation is an issue, please consider using a ride sharing service such as Uber, Lyft, local Taxi service, or other ride sharing services in the area.
  1. If a member does have transportation, we ask that employers reimburse members for their gas used to travel to your home.


  1. The CLRC has suggested rates of pay for jobs by type. These suggested rates were determined by CLRC workers who met to discuss fair wages for differing types of work. The employer has the option to offer rates that differ from our suggested rates and it is the right of the worker to accept or decline this accepted rate of pay.
  1. All suggested rates are labor only.
  • Short Jobs (4 hours or less)
    • Landscaping and light labor: $60/person
    • Moving, Digging, Dry wall, Painting, Other Skilled Labor: $75/person
    • House Keeping/Cleaning: $70
  • Long Jobs (Jobs that are 5 hours or longer)
    • General Labor: $13-15/hour
    • Landscaping: $13-15/hour
    • Moving: $15-20/hour
    • Drywall: $17/hour
    • Painting: $17/hour
    • Other skilled labor: dependent on project (please call)
    • House Cleaning: dependent on size of home (please call)
  1. At the Center we suggest that employers provide lunch to workers for jobs that are over 5 hours, to help build long term relationships with workers. If the employer does not feel comfortable providing lunch, please let CLRC staff know and we will advertise the job without lunch.

Cancelling a Request

  1. Please call the office one day before the day of your scheduled work to cancel a job (before noon). It is important that we have enough time to communicate with workers to ensure that they are able to find other jobs if you cancel.

Please Remember

  1.  100% of what you pay your worker goes directly to your worker. The CLRC is non-profit and we accept no payment for jobs from neither you as an employer nor from the workers for placement.
  1. We have received multiple reports of the job form not working on Internet Explorer; please use the suggested browsers linked below.
  2. Any comments or questions about hiring? Feel free to give us a call/email Monday-Saturday 7 am to noon and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration and support!


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