Our Impact

(1) Centreville day laborers who received jobs through the Labor Resource Center earned more than $95,000– spent at local businesses– in 9 months this year.*

*This includes only first-time hires, and does not consider second-time nor “networked” jobs.

(2) Most small contractors depend on day laborers to expand their work force when needed, and 50% of CLRC jobs are with small businesses

(3) 58%* of Northern Virginia day laborers experience wage theft every year, $100-4000.

*Valenzuela & Gonzalez study, 2004

(4) Only three cases of wage theft has been experienced by workers at the Labor Resource Center since its opening in 2011.

(5) The single goal of day laborers is to work and support themselves and their families.

  •  461 registered workers
  • 507 registered employers
  • 100 community volunteers
  • 2143 worker-job placements

Can you imagine….

(1) A fair market for day laborers, with no wage theft

(2) A way for small contractors to get the temporary workers with the skills they need, in a safe location

(3) Ending a sub-wage street-side hiring system that undercuts the pay of all laborers

You don’t have to imagine!

This is what Centreville Labor Resource Center is doing, every day:

  1. Ending wage theft
  2. Supporting small contractors and homeowners with temporary labor needs
  3. Establishing a system for workers to support themselves and their families

Hear Gino’s story

Gino has experienced wage theft twice in the past two years, losing $400 on one occasion and $2,800 on another.  In each case, his employer promised to pay, but never delivered.   During this time, Gino had difficulty paying his rent, and was forced to move in with another worker.  He also was not able to continue paying for his children’s schooling.  Gino never had the opportunity to go to school, and more than anything else he wants his children to have a good education.  Since coming to the Center, he has learned enough English to work with English-speaking employers, and he has participated in classes to learn new trade skills.  He has not experienced any wage abuse at jobs gained through the Center.

Tangible results

  • Workers at CLRC have proven skills in language and in trades (We know our workers!).
  • Employer recommendations follow CLRC workers!   Employers know what they are getting.
  •   Workers at the CLRC have a community:  they work together to improve their lives and the community where they live.



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